The Winans have a song for Boyz II Men

See the duo pitch their new song on ’Songland’ Monday at 10pm on Local 4

Songland with the Winans on Live in the D

Ever heard of Boyz II Men? We’ll this legendary group is looking for their next hit song on NBC’s ‘Songland’.

Host Jason Carr got to chat with Lisa Winans and her husband Juan, from Detroit’s own Winans family, about the song they will perform on NBC’s ‘Songland’ for Boyz II Men.

Juan Winans was born and raised in Detroit and he is Bebe and Cece Winans nephew. He and his wife both spent their lives around music and are now artists. They entered their songs to compete on 'Songland’ during Season 1 but they were not chosen. Now they have re-entered their new music and have a chance to put their music to the test with Boyz II Men.

Juan and Lisa have a single out called ’It Belongs To Me’ featuring Juan’s uncle, Dr. Marvin L. Winans. He explained the song is about the hope, love, joy, and peace that God wants us to live in everyday.

Find out if Boyz II Men picks Juan and Lisa Winans song on 'Songland’, Monday at 10pm on Local 4.

Watch the video to learn more about Juan and Lisa Winans.

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