Here’s how to care for your face mask

Boomer Naturals face masks and face coverings are keeping you protected

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Host Tati Amare talked with Dr. Christina Madison from Boomer Naturals about how to care for your face masks and coverings.

Dr. Madison explained that when caring for your masks you want to hold the mask by the ear loops because the contaminants from the virus are on the front of the mask. When wearing the mask, it is important to cover your nose and mouth for the best protection. When you are finished wearing your mask, you should place it in a paper bag until you are able to wash it.

With a Boomer Naturals mask you can hand wash the mask by washing it in soapy water and hanging it to air dry. Boomer Naturals masks last for 30 days or 30 washes. Dr. Madison suggests having at least 2 masks that you can alternate out.

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Watch the video to learn how to clean and maintain your mask.

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