Which kitchen item teamed with pop removes rust??

This week's Try It Out Tuesday tries to get get rid of pesky rust stains with pop and an unlikely household item.

Try it out Tuesday use pop for rust on Live in the D
Try it out Tuesday use pop for rust on Live in the D

An icy cold pop is delightful during the hot summer days, but some say Coca Cola can do so much more. Team up this fizzy drink with a common item found in your kitchen cabinet, and you might take a shine to the results. Kila Peeples heard that if you wipe rusty areas with Coke, the rust will disappear. But does it work better with paper towel or foil? She put it up to the challenge for this week’s Try It Out Tuesday.

Kila took her trusty, and rusty, bike out, and cleaned areas with Coke and the two items. While one didn’t really do the trick, the other was a clear, shiny winner.

Watch the video above to see which kitchen item knocked out that rust!

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