Step back in time at this Midtown Detroit bar

Rewind and unwind after hours at Hammer & Nail

Want to step back in time and visit a Detroit from another era? That is possible at Hammer & Nail.

The midtown Detroit bar captures a mid-century Detroit feel through its decor and menu. Kila Peeple’s visited Hammer & Nail to find out why it would be a great place to visit after hours.

Hammer & Nail gets its name from the historic building it sits in. The building used to be known around town as the “hammer and nail building” because of the neon hammer sign that hung outside its building. It was also the home of the Detroit Carpenters Union in the 1950′s.

Today you can take in the original sign inside Hammer & Nail while enjoying sleek cocktails and small plates.

Take a look at all the cocktails you can enjoy at this retro spot in the video above.

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