Creative ways to relieve stress virtually

Clawson studio uses art therapy to help cope with stress online

Creative ways to relieve stress virtually

Stress is something we all experience at one point or another, especially during this current health crisis.

Many people have turned to creative outlets like crafts, baking and puzzles to help them cope but sometimes that just is not enough.

There is a local art studio that wants to help you use the creative process to relieve stress with an extra boost

Shazia Sidiqui is the licensed art therapist and counselor behind the studio “Let’s Art About It” in Clawson. She is offering virtual art therapy classes designed to help people use art to channel their stress with professional help.

Shazia joined Tati Amare from her studio via Skype to explain these online classes which are open to everyone, from children to adults. Shazia gave an example of how she uses art to help people cope with their stress and anxiety.

Check it out in the video above.

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