Take the family on a scavenger hunt around the Clinton River

Become a "River Ranger" in this Pure Michigan adventure

Massive Scavenger Hunt on Live in the D

Who’s ready for a scavenger hunt? There is an event being organized in Metro Detroit that will have you, and the whole family, enjoying a taste of pure Michigan along the Clinton River. Anne Brasie, the Executive Director of the Clinton River Watershed, joined Jason Carr to explain what’s happening across Oakland and Macomb counties that will have you “fishing” for fun.

Brasie said the scavenger hunt came about as a way to give people something to do outside during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said a ranger came up with the idea as a way to enjoy the 780 square-miles of the area’s natural beauty and embrace the peace found along the Clinton River safely.

“Rangers” have 32 different activities they can do, including kayaking, identify evasive species, and area clean-up. The council was awarded a sponsorship from Pure Oakland Water to host the hunt, and hopes this is a way for people to get out and have fun in nature, Pure Michigan style.

Watch the video above for more information about the scavenger hunt.