You can still go nuts for the Tigers

Germack Pistachio Co. has found new ways to get peanuts to fans

The countdown is on to the start of baseball season and the Tigers opening season game which is this Friday in Cincinnati. Unfortunately fans aren’t able to be there, but you can watch it on TV, and what’s a game without some official Tigers peanuts from Germack the official peanut provider for the Tigers?

Frank Germack joined host Jason Carr to talk about how people can still enjoy the salty snack from home when they watch the games. “We did something different this year. We started selling these 12 pack boxes and we have these available not only at the supermarket, including Busch’s, but we can also ship them directly from here,” said Germack. The boxes are great for families who want to have a tailgate or family gathering.

Germack also unveiled the new packaging look for Germack products. It’s the first time it has been shown to the public. Watch the video above to see the change.