Creative ways to mix up chocolate chip cookies

A mother-daughter team in Commerce Township takes chocolate chip cookies to another level

Elevating This Classic Cookie Recipe on Live in the D
Elevating This Classic Cookie Recipe on Live in the D

Chocolate chip cookies just might be the most classic cookie recipe of all time. but just because it is classic, does not mean you can’t have fun with them. For National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Jason Carr spoke to Jodie Polk and Jessica Barris. They are the mother daughter duo behind Culinary Combo Bakery in Commerce Township. They make a variety of baked goods, with cookies being one of their specialties. They take a basic chocolate chip cookie and elevate it with different mix-ins and designs and showed Jason how it is done. Their secret? “It starts with the dough” mom, Jodie Polk, says.

To find out how they get a great tasting dough and overall cookie, click on the video.

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