Rap icon Master P talks about how his success has No Limits

Percy "Master P" Miller talks about how he became rap music royalty in his new docuseries

A new docuseries tells a story about a man who celebrated success, triumphed over hardship, and left a legacy for other rappers to carry on. Master P is no stranger to the spotlight, and now the spotlight is on his life, telling a story of how he went from rags to riches more than once. Percy “Master P” Miller spoke to Jason Carr about “No Limit Chronicles”, a limited series on BET, about the rap icon’s journey on and off the stage.

Miller said he had the drive to prove to himself and others that he could be successful in the music industry, with almost little to no help. He also spoke about how he wanted to be someone that people could look up to as a successful entrepreneur.

Watch the video above to hear what fellow rap legend, Snoop Dogg, had to say about Master P.