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Strengthen you relationship during quarantine with these tricks

Advice to Relationships on Live in the D
Advice to Relationships on Live in the D

Dr. Ish Major, a celebrity psychiatrist, has suggestions for couples facing uncertainty during the time of quarantine. He knows things can get stressful so he suggests carving out “me time” to make “we time” more enjoyable. He also said that you must be ready to listen even when you are wrong in a relationship, people want to be seen and heard and that’s important. The key to a good listener? Empathy.

When it comes to his show “Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition” Dr. Major says that it’s been a rocky season with lots of different relationship battles between the couples. Drinking, enabling, cheating, altercations, and lies will all come together in the season finale this Thursday on WEtv.

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