Mexicantown Bakery celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Family business serves up authentic baked goods and more

Mexicantown Bakery on Live in the D

Known for their popular tres leches cake, made with three kinds of milk, rum, and soaked in a delicious sauce, Mexicantown Bakery showed off some of their other baked goods to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

The business is family owned, and sister of the owner Cecilia Benedict spoke with Live in the D live from Mexicantown.

Benedict said that food is an important part of Mexican and other Hispanic cultures because it brings communities together in everything from celebration to mourning. She said “We create memories around food.”

Another of the store’s popular items are the colorful conchas, a sweet bread roll served up with coffee. Customers don’t have to go far for their drinks either since Mexicantown Bakery also serves a variety of Hispanic coffee and espresso beverages.

Tati personally recommended the tres leches cake and cuban coffee as her go-to orders from the bakery.