Clever ways to declutter your closet space

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shares his ideas for wardrobe organization.

Decluttering your closet on Live in the D
Decluttering your closet on Live in the D

The shift in season means a shift in wardrobe. Now is the time where we are pulling out our sweaters and coats and putting away summer dresses and shorts. All this change could have our closets looking messy and disorganized, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan spoke to Tati Amare about how to best clear the clutter from our closets.

Jon believes in having a closet that is organized and prioritized because it can help lessen the stress of getting dressed each day. He recommends keeping your go-to items towards the front of closet where you can easily access them. Jon also recommends utilizing all the spaces in your closet by using simple and inexpensive tools that can be easily stacked. He suggests using boxes to store scarves, clear gallon bags for accessories and hangers with multiple hanging levels. Another idea? Put suitcases to work! Jon uses his suitcases to store summer shorts.

If you don’t have the closet room to store all of your clothing, there are still ways to keep things organized. Jon couldn’t fit his shoes in his closet, so he got creative and made them part of his home décor. See how in the video above.

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