Warm up with a slice of custard pie!

You can find Love’s Custard Pie at Eastern Market

Love's Custard Pie on Live in the D
Love's Custard Pie on Live in the D

As the cold weather starts to settle in, you can warm up the fall season with a delicious pie. Love’s Custard Pie sells traditional southern-style baked pie that is available at the Eastern Market.

Allen Love, the Founder of Love’s Custard Pie, explained how he makes chess and custard pie. The chess pie is a southern-style custard that is very rich with eggs and butter, that’s compared to their egg custard pie which is creamier.

Love’s Custard Pie sells 26 different flavors of custard pie including sweet potato pie and key lime pie.

You can pick up your slice at Eastern Market during the Saturday and Sunday Markets in Shed 2.

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