Jason’s 5 favorite places to Dine in the D

You’ve heard him rave about all these joints

Dine in the D - Jason's favorite spots on Live in the D
Dine in the D - Jason's favorite spots on Live in the D

In case you didn’t know, Jason Carr is a foodie. He loves classic things done right. He has recommended many places to me and our viewers, so let’s go check them out!

First up is the first place Jason Carr took the Live in the D team, Scotty Simpson’s Fish and Chips in Detroit. Harold Barber mans the helm of this local favorite, which has been in the neighborhood for over 60 years dishing up crispy fried fish, and some of the best fries in town. According to Jason, it’s the beef tallow they use to fry them in that makes them really stand out.

For a great cold cut sandwich, with a side of personality, Jason Carr love’s Ernie’s Market in Oak Park. They don’t like to skimp on their sandwiches there, piling them nice and high with meat, cheese, and veggies. Oh! And you can’t forget, a dash of what Ernie calls the “love spice”.

Hungry for a slice of 'za? Jason will tell you to head over to Tania’s, home of the stuffed pizza. What’s a stuffed pizza? Well, it a regular pizza, with a slightly thinner crust on the bottom, and an extra crust on top, that is deliciously buttery and flakey. If that doesn’t sell you on it, I don’t know what will.

When it comes to subs, Ricky’s Sub Shop in Dearborn is Jason’s favorite place to go. He’s been going there for years, and they have now expanded their business to almost triple the size! It’s their gigantic steak and cheese melt that keeps Jason, and many others, coming back.

The best burger in town, according to Jason, is Duffy’s Den in Detroit. There was a solid week where he would mention this cheeseburger every day. Debbie is his preferred cook, and if you want your burger Jason’s way, get it cooked to medium rare with cheddar cheese melted on top.

Here is where all these places are located so you can try them out as well.

Scotty Simpson’s

22200 Fenkell Ave, Detroit, MI 48223

Ernie’s Market

8500 Capital St, Oak Park, MI 48237

Tania’s Pizza

3204 Crooks Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48073

Ricky’s Sub Shop

6460 Greenfield Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126

**Scheduled to re-open Oct. 16th after renovations are complete**

Duffy’s Den

24800 W McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48219

About the Author:

Michelle Oliver is a Multimedia Journalist for the 10 a.m. lifestyle show, "Live in the D." She is known as "the food girl" because of her two popular food franchises, Dine in the D and Find Your Fix. Michelle also covers stories on homegrown businesses, style, and other fun things happening in the D.