Treat yourself and your skin with these herbal soaps and bath salts

Pure Earthy in Ann Arbor makes skin care with natural properties

Pure Earthy on Live in the D

Inspired from her childhood, Lakshmi Arul took her love of natural skin care and founded her store, Pure Earthy. Growing up in India, Arul’s parents were naturalists who followed practices of herbalism and Ayurveda. She said the good memories she has of making natural beauty products at home inspired her to continue doing it growing up.

Pure Earthy carries a line of all natural products, including soaps, bath salts, skin care, and candles.

Many of Arul’s products are made with Ayurvedic ingredients, like tulsi, turmeric, saffron, and neem. Neem is a type of tree found in India, especially in the southern part where she grew up. It’s benefits include being antibacterial, antimicrobial, and having additional herbal benefits. Arul said it can be used in almost everything, like masks, hair, and steaming.

Some products that Arul showed off included a neem and eucalyptus soap, which she said has great benefits for winter. She also showed off some neem and lavender bath salts. She said that everyone loves lavender, but adding neem and tulsi can help you detoxify yourself.

Watch the video above to learn how you can purchase her products.