Here’s how to shed those extra pounds and become your “Ideal You”

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Many people have put on some extra weight during the quarantine and shedding those pounds right now can be challenging, especially on your own. Having support can make a big difference!

Dr. Geri Williams from Ideal You Health Center wants to help you look and feel your best.

The Ideal You program is not a diet but it is a coach assisted system to help you shed unwanted stored fat as well as help you set goals for your health. During the process, people lose fat very quickly. This program works for those trying to lose a lot or a little weight. Also, there is no pre-packaged food, so everything you will eat comes straight from the grocery store and is prepared at home

Normally a consultation with a coach is $100, but as a Live in the D viewer, you can schedule a consultation for free!

For more information and to schedule your free consultation visit or call 1800-IDEALYOU

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