Try out these style DIYs for a new look!

John Jordan suggests budget-friendly ways to follow the latest trends

Style DIYs on Live in the D

Ever wondered how to improve your look without breaking the bank? Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan has some tips for re-purposing what you already own to follow some of the trendiest looks of 2020.

Inspired by recent runway looks, Jordan has a few ideas on how to bring metallics into your wardrobe. He took a pair of old boots and livened them up with just some silver paint and studs. He said the whole project was under ten dollars, and all he needed to do to improve the look was to take a paper towel with some paint and scuff them up a little bit.

Burberry trench coats are trying out a new look with some of their coats this season, bringing in a sleeveless coat and adding denim panels. If their latest look isn’t in your budget, you can get it yourself by going to a thrift store and finding an old trench coat and some denim to punch it up.

Burberry has also hopped on the trend of hand-painted clothes and accessories. Jordan said you don’t need an art degree to hop on this trend, and encourages you to go for an expressive and child like design. Coach recently partnered with Jean Michel Basquiat, who made whimsical designs on their bags. You can get the look yourself by taking inspiration from his work with just some sharpies and a cloth bag.

Jordan said his favorite hack was to borrow some style designs from Gucci, who is known for their fur-lined slippers. He said you can replicate the look on a budget with some faux fur from the craft store and an old pair of shoes.

For more advice from John Jordan, check out the video above.