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It’s Finance Friday!

Finance Friday - Great Lakes Wealth on Live in the D

Host, Jason Carr chatted with Dewey Steffen, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Great Lakes Wealth, about how they can help you prepare for the future.

Great lakes Wealth is a registered advisory firm in Northville, Mi. Their mission is to provide Wall Street solutions with Main Street values to their clients. They focus on managing proprietary investments and goal-based financial planning.

Great Lakes Wealth suggests preparing a financial plan now for 2021. They can help you with retirement, college, insurance, and estate planning. Steffen believes that the most important step to becoming a successful investor is to start now.

They also started a program called " our fee to your charity" This program helps the new client and existing clients give back. If you become a new client before December 31st, Great Lakes Wealth will donate half of their fee to your chosen charity.

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