What’s The Buzz talks about the importance of voting

Do people who don’t vote have a right to complain?

What's the Buzz - Talking about voting on Live in the D

Election Day is tomorrow and that’s What’s The Buzz today. Tati Amare talked with some friends of the show all about the importance of voting, but they stayed away from politics. Joining in to talk about this were Blaine Fowler, the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, Mimi Brown, a local author and motivational speaker, and AJ Williams, the managing editor of the Michigan Chronicle.

The group discussed various topics including if Election Day should be a National holiday, They also talked about feelings of if you could date someone who doesn’t vote. One of the things they were all in agreement on is whether or not people who don’t vote have a right to complain about how things are going.

Watch the video to see what the group had to say!

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