Keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving

What foods to avoid giving Fido this holiday

This week your pets may be giving you puppy dog eyes for a few scraps off the Thanksgiving table, but experts say not to give into the temptation. Many common foods we serve every Thanksgiving can actually be harmful to your furry friends.

Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane chatted with Live in the D today about some things to look out for this holiday. She said that the biggest issue during Thanksgiving is feeding pets food off the table. While you might think turkey would be dog-safe, the bones and fatty skin can actually pose a hazard.

Other Thanksgiving staples like gravy and stuffing can hide ingredients that can be harmful as well. Big ingredients to stay away from include onions, nuts, grapes, and raisins.

She also recommends putting trash in a pet-safe container, so your pet won’t be able to get into anything harmful.

Chrisman was also on with Gus, an 8 year old senior dog who isn’t letting his age slow him down. She said that he loves being outside and active, and that he would prefer a home that can keep him busy, and keep up with his shedding.

As our Pet of the Week, Gus’ adoption fees will be covered by the Mike Morse Law Firm.

For more information on adopting Gus and keeping your pets safe this holiday, watch the video above.