This local Neo Soul artist sings about the different ways to feel love

Alex Way talks about “Phases”, her most recent project

Music Monday - Alex Way on Live in the D

Alex Way is a local musician who has been performing ever since she was 4-years-old. After getting her start in her church choir, she picked up violin and has been making music ever since.

She describes her music as Neo Soul and also a little R&B. Her most recent project is titled “Phases”, and gets into how she feels love in different ways. Each song covers a different kind of love, including self-love, community love, and love for friends and family.

Way said she has been keeping busy with virtual performances during the pandemic, and said that although its very different than she’s used to, she’s grateful to be able to share her music with fans.

“There’s something about being live and feeling the energy from the crowd and from your band,” Way said. “I can’t wait for us to get back to normal, but for now I’ll take what we have.”

The song Way performed on Live In The D was I Got You from “Phases”. She said it is an upbeat, feel-good song, and that the hook was inspired by the feeling of knowing she has family and friends who have her back.

To hear Alex Way’s performance watch the video above.