What’s the best way to decorate your home for the holidays?

Do you go Clark Griswold, or is simpler lighting better?

What's the Buzz - Holiday Decorations on Live in the Do

The first weekend of December has come and gone which means by now you likely have your tree up, lights on the house, and other decorations out, and that’s what we’re talking about today on What’s the Buzz. Joining host Jason Carr to talk about it are our friends Blaine Fowler, from 96.3 WDVD’s “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show,” Melanie Hearn, a local comedian, and Vanessa Cohen, the Founder of The Cohen Brand.

This is all about holiday decorations, so they started by discussing lights on the house. Do you go Clark Griswold and light it up, or is simple lighting better? Blaine says his wife Colleen handles the decorations and while they do decorate the shrubs, they don’t give DTE a Merry Christmas. Besides some cool handmade vases and a Christmas tree, Vanessa likes to keep her decorations simple. Melanie says she is excited to go full Clark W. Griswold after spending last Christmas in Los Angeles with no snow. She said she really wants to bring the holiday cheer this year.

Decorating inside the house is more important this year, says Vanessa. She wants to decorate where her family can see and celebrate it so she is focusing her efforts on the inside. Melanie, on the other hand, says she kept her inside decorations simple with just a few “elves on the shelves.”

White trees are back this year, are you in on the trend? Jason admitted to having a white tree in his house and Blaine responded with “I love you Jason, but that’s just tacky.” Vanessa believes if you want to go with a white Christmas tree, you have to overly decorate it so no one knows it is white. Melanie says she feels like people with white Christmas trees are the same as those who tell people you can’t sit in their living room. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal taste, and buy what makes you happy.

To see the full discussion, watch the video above.

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