How to make your small holiday soiree more festive

A registered dietician explains how to add even more flavor to your tasty holiday treats

Ingredients for festive holiday dishes on Live in the D

The holidays are here, and despite the current restrictions, you can still make a festive season by hosting your own soiree with your family.

Amy Goodson, a registered dietician with RDTV, wants to help you have a fun, small gathering with some tasty food.

When it comes to the beverages, she recommends serving a signature drink. She suggested Pom Wonderful mixed with orange zest and cinnamon for a pop-spiced cider.

The food menu can be just as flavorful!

Start with something warm and delicious, like Mrs. T’s Pierogies, which are stuffed with mashed potatoes and cheese. Goodson suggested wrapping them in bacon for an even tastier appetizer or snack.

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