Find the Italian sandwich or Italian meal you’re looking for at these sister stores in Sterling Heights

Are you having Italian sandwiches or pasta today?

Take-out Tuesday - Ventimiglia & Mangiabevi on Live in the D

We’re back with another Takeout Tuesday and this week we’re featuring two places with one owner.

Victor Ventigmilia told us all about Ventimiglia Italian Foods and their sister restaurant Mangiabevi Urban Italian.

Ventimiglia’s is a grocery store and deli with award-winning sub sandwiches. They are known for their classic Italian sub and their eggplant sub. They have fresh Italian bread seasoned with olive oil and everything is made fresh. The family restaurant, Mangiabevi, offers urban Italian cuisine where you can get tasty carryout meals.

Ventimiglia Italian Foods Grocery Store and Magiabevi Urban Italian restaurant or located right next door to each other on 15 mile Rd. and Dodge Pkwy in Sterling Heights

Watch the video to learn more.

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