Partner up with your pet to work towards a healthier 2021

New Year’s resolutions can be for your 4-legged friends too!

Pet of the Week - New Year's Resolutions for your pets on Live in the D

It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions, and this year why not include your pets in your 2021 health and fitness goals? Anna Chrisman is back from Michigan Humane to tell us some ways to help out your pets while setting goals for the new year.

If you’re looking to eat healthier in 2021, it may be time to help your pet do the same. Connect with your veterinarian to get your furry friend their yearly checkup, and while you’re there, ask what you can be doing to help them eat healthier. Ask if your pet is on the best diet possible for their age, breed, and medical condition.

Pets can also get in on your resolution to exercise more, and they don’t even need their own gym membership to do it. Getting cats more exercise means more playtime with a laser pointer or other cat toys. Dogs also benefit from more playtime, and you can get your own exercise at the same time while taking them out on an extra walk every day. Either way, your pets will thank you for spending a little extra time with them every day.

Chrisman was also back with our pet of the week, a ten month old black domestic shorthair named Jyn. She said she can be shy at first but she is looking for a forever home that will give her plenty of attention once she opens up. When Jyn’s not being a playful, active kitten, she likes to cuddle and is a total lap-cat.

As our Pet of the Week, Jyn’s adoption fees will be covered by the Mike Morse Law Firm.

To see Jyn and hear more from Michigan Humane, watch the video above.