This new device can take years off of an appearance

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Tuesday, host Tati Amare was joined by Aesthetika Nova’s Chief Of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Ahmet Karaca, to discuss how to get that more radiant and youthful look for the new year.

There have been plenty of new innovations in the field, and one of those is a new type of laser that can help get rid of things like unsightly lines on the neck and other skin imperfections.

The BBL, or broadband light, can be used to help correct blemishes on the skin, including things like rosacea and vascular imperfections. It can also be used on the chest to get rid of age spots and tighten the skin. It is frequently used in conjunction with the Halo Light Therapy in a patient’s initial treatment of rosacea, and then they follow up with more BBL treatment over time.

“We’re constantly learning new and advanced techniques while maintaining the highest level of service,” Karaca said.

Watch the video above to see the stunning before and after images of treatments.

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