Break up your living space with these creative room dividers

Divide and conquer with these simple designs

Creative room dividers on Live in the D
Creative room dividers on Live in the D

With everyone staying at home during COVID, some people are finding that their open floor plans are a little too open, and now they’re looking to build themselves some privacy. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is back with some tips on how you can break up your space with some simple stylish hacks.

Jordan said that room dividers were particularly popular in the 1950s and 60s, so go classic with a mid-century modern look. A wooden room divider can serve as a bookshelf, but have the bonus of being functional from both sides. You can customize your look to be more opaque or transparent depending on how you fill the shelves, giving you more privacy for the more books and décor you add.

Rethink room dividers with something like a rolling table with tall décor on it. You don’t have to block the entire floor to ceiling. Something like a tall plant or decorative sculpture on waist high table can help divide a space and give you privacy.

For some fairly inexpensive solutions, Jordan showed off a clothing rack simply decorated with a cloth shower curtain. This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to have to break out their tool kit or carpentry skills. With just a 20 dollar clothing rack and a shower curtain, you can create an extendable, completely private room divider.

If you’d prefer a more solid solution to breaking up a room, Jordan says you can just Velcro a foam core board to the same rack. This gives you a cheap and easy wall that you can use to post art, kids drawings, or whatever you can think of.

For more style and décor tips from Jordan, watch the video above.