Bringing the gift of music to Detroit

Crescendo Detroit is continuing to grow virtually and allow kids to experience music

Heart of Detroit Crescendo Creations on Live in the D

Music is something that fills and enriches our lives, but not everyone has the opportunity to learn how to create music themselves.

Here in Detroit, Crescendo Detroit saw that need and has been working for years to provide that need to inner-city students further education and experience with music.

Mitch Albom sat down with Damien Crutcher to learn more.

Crescendo Detroit has grown over the years and the program is now in its 4th year with the University of Michigan School Music theatre and dance. Usually the students have an opportunity to travel to Ann Arbor and take lessons and see concerts. The program also has reading, science, and physical education specialists to help their students be more well-rounded.

During the pandemic, they have been conducting virtual private lessons and meetups.

Watch the video above to see how Crescendo Detroit is helping in the Heart Of Detroit.

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