Thrilling new shows to watch over the chilly weekend

Reel Talk covers two new things to watch that overflow with suspense and intrigue

Losing Alice and Locked Down with Reel Talk on Live in the D

Anne Hathaway, or “Annie” which is her preferred name, stars in one of the of two shows hitting streaming services this weekend. Movie reviewer Greg Russell spoke to Jason Carr about Losing Alice and Locked Down.

Hathaway is in Locked Down, along with Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mindy Kaling. The movie hits close to home as it follows a couple struggling to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic, from job loss to tight finances. So, the couple decides to go to extremes to stay afloat. Greg said it was a light movie and gave it three out of five reels.

Next Greg spoke to the star and director of Losing Alice, starring Ayalet Zurer. It’s an Israeli-based series that highlights an aging director who becomes infatuated with a young, up-and-coming screenwriter. Greg said even though the series is in Hebrew and you have to read subtitles, the show is easy to follow and get into.

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