Tired of masks fogging up your glasses? This will help with that pesky problem

Here how to fix that fogging problem

Take care of your eyes with SVS Vision on Live in the D

For anyone who wears glasses of any kind, you’ve surely met the annoying problem of having them fog up while wearing a mask. That’s just the climate we live in, as we continue getting through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

One Michigan-based company is now offering something that can help with the problem: a permanently-bonded anti-fog adhesive.

And in addition to the fog problem, many of us are now spending more time in front of screens -- whether it’s school for the kids or work for adults -- and that can have a major impact on our vision.

SVS Vision says getting a vision check can address that problem, as well as others, such as underlying eye diseases.

Getting your eyes checked can mean better vision so that grades and jobs don’t suffer due to poor vision, according to SVS Vision.

SVS Vision always has special offers for frontline workers.

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