What are your big game plans?

Has COVID changed how you plan to celebrate?

What's the Buzz - Big Game Plans on Live in the D

There’s no denying this year is going to be a different big game experience than ever before. With everyone staying home, it will be more important than ever to make sure you’ve got a plan lined up for all the snacks you’ll need to watch the most important football game of the year.

Jason and Tati chatted with comedian Melanie Hearn, Lauren Crocker from 96.3 WDVD’s “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show,” and Jason Hall from RiDetorit about their game day traditions.

Everyone has big opinions on the best food to serve at game day parties. For Jason, pizza is a must have game day staple, and he said that he’ll be “goin’ where the pizza’s flowin’.” Melanie on the other hand says she’s all about the cold cuts. She also thinks that all the food should be out and ready right as the game starts, not delivered at half time, that way there’s always something to snack on and guests can leave at halftime without missing out.

Tati chimed in remind everyone that it wouldn’t be game day without talking about wings.

Every year the big game reignites the same old argument- should boneless wings be considered wings? Pretty much everyone on the panel was on the same side in the boneless wing debate, saying that classicists are missing out. Jason pointed out that boneless wings are all about convenience, and as long as they have great flavor, they can’t go wrong.

This year of course there are concerns about game day parties being a super-spreader event, so will you be inviting anyone over? Or will you get to have the pretzel dip all to yourself?

Melanie said she’d be spending the game with her brother, who she said is part of her quarantine support bubble. “You just can’t watch the Super Bowl alone,” she said.

Jason is playing it safe, and says that he’s “going to be locked down, chilling.”

So whether you’re watching for the ads, the halftime show, or the game itself, it will certainly be a game to remember.

To hear the full conversation on what everyone is planning for the big game, watch the video above.