This new app wants to connect you to local black-owned restaurants

Black and Mobile brings local culture straight to your door

Black and Mobile food delivery on Live in the D
Black and Mobile food delivery on Live in the D

Over quarantine, a lot of us have been getting pretty used to using food delivery services. For black history month, why not try out a new app that is helping black-owned restaurants stand out, and get their food to customers.

David Cabello, founder and CEO of Black and Mobile, stopped by the show today to talk about the new app.

The app started off in Philadelphia, and is now up and running in 4 cities across the nation. Cabello said they launched in Detroit in 2020, two weeks before COVID started causing restaurant shut-downs. Fortunately over the last few months, they’ve been able to regroup and host around 30 businesses on the app.

Cabello said that the idea of Black and Mobile came from his desire to support black businesses and the black community. He saw that there was no black-owned food delivery systems, and he stepped up to fill the role.

Black and Mobile works like any other food delivery service app, and will deliver within a 10 mile radius of the restaurants.

To find out more about the app and where you can find it, watch the video above.