This new show is bringing more laughs to your home

Kenan Thompson can be seen on SNL and in his new TV show

Kenan Thompson his new show "Kenan" on Live in the D

You may know him from making us laugh from his years on SNL and other shows. Now, Kenan Thompson is the star of the new show called “Kenan”, where he is the host of a morning show and is trying to raise two daughters.

Live In The D host Tati Amare chatted with Thompson about how he takes his comedy to new levels for the new show.

Kenan Thompson talked about his comedy process, sitcoms versus sketch comedy, and what it’s like to work with Don Johnson. Thompson says that the show is very light-hearted but still tackles real issues.

You can watch the premiere of “Kenan” Tuesday, February 16th on Local 4.

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