This local invention can upgrade your home workout routine

Check out this home gym you can hold in your hands

MAXPRO home workout tech on Live in the D
MAXPRO home workout tech on Live in the D

One engineer in Rochester has developed a new tool to help improve your exercise game without ever having to go to a gym. MAXPRO is a piece of equipment that can provide just about anything you’ll need for a home gym.

Nutrition and fitness expert Jody Trierweiler demonstrated several you can take advantage of the new tech.

Trierweiler said that she’s been trying to get hold of a MAXPRO since August, but because of the pandemic they’ve been regularly sold out. She knew it would be great, but wanted to hold off telling people about it until it was possible to get their own.

The MAXPRO is only 9 lbs, but she said it can easily replace most of the equipment in your gym. The key is a dial that allows you to change the resistance anywhere from 5 to 300lbs.

Trierweiler demonstrated how you can easily do any exercise you can do with a dumbbell or a cable pulley.

For more workout options, you can mount it on a wall or door. Then use some of the many attachments to create a leg workout, bench press, or even use a belt to practice resistance running.

To see Jody’s demonstration and for more on where you can get one for yourself, watch the video above.