Keep your winter clothes looking fresh with these hacks

Quick ways to fix salt stains, pilling, and more

Winter Weather clothing care on Live in the D

This week’s winter weather has left us all bundled up, but taking care of winter clothes can be a bit of a chore. Local4 Style Editor Jon Jordan is here to let us know about some helpful tips to keep you looking your best during the polar vortex.

Rock salt helps keep roads and sidewalks safe when it’s icy out, but it can also wreak havoc on your clothes. One common remedy for salt stains is to dab vinegar on the stain with a cotton ball, but Jon has a bonus tip to make it even easier.

Instead of using cotton balls, try using a cheap washcloth in a matching color. Some dark fabrics will catch the white fibers from the cotton ball. Using a dark washcloth instead will prevent making a mess and save your clothes.

Jon also recommends thinking ahead when planning your outfit for the day. Some shoes can be thrown right into the washing machine, like vegan leather and suede, making them easier than ever to clean.

Pilling on wool and cashmere fabrics is another huge problem in the winter. Jon showed off how sweater shavers can help take the pills off your gloves and hats. He said to keep this handy tool around for the rest of the year too, since it can help cut down on pilling on furniture too.

Finally, Jon gave some tips on how to take care of big down coats. Down has a tendency to clump together in the wash, but you can prevent that by throwing a couple of tennis balls in the dryer with it. They’ll bounce around and break up clumps in your jacket to help it dry evenly.

For more tips from Jon, watch the video above.