The pet holiday that can benefit your animal’s health

This special holiday can also help other pets in your community

Pet of the Week - Spay and Neuter your pets on Live in the D

Did you realize Tuesday marks World Spay and Neuter Day?

Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane joined “Live in the D” to celebrate this unlikely holiday that could be extremely beneficial to your pet’s health.

Chrisman was joined by the fun-loving Chance, a dog in need of home, to talk to Jason Carr about the importance of getting your cat and dog spayed or neutered.

Having your pet spayed or neutered comes with a ton of health benefits, Chrisman said.

For instance, the procedure helps reduce the risk of certain cancers, roaming and aggressive behaviors. It also lessens the risk of unwanted or unplanned litters, which can contribute to overcrowding at local animal shelters.

Chrisman urged pet owners to speak to their veterinarian about the procedure. Pet owners can also visit Michigan Humane veterinary centers, which offer spay and neuter services.

For anyone interested in adopting Chance, he would be a great addition to a family looking for a pet that would get out and exercise, Chrisman said.

Chance would also thrive in a family with other dogs, or a family with older children. As always, the Mike Morse Law Firm will cover standard adoption fees for the lucky family that adopts Chance.

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