The new jewelry trend that may surprise you

Pearls are the latest fashion statements for men

Men's jewelery trends on Live in the D

Last week on SNL, host Regé-Jean Page rocked pearl brooches during his opening monologue, and Local style editor Jon Jordan says that this is just the start of jewelry coming back into men’s fashion.

“It is exploding, and its not just with entertainers,” Jordan said. “It’s actually happening on the street.”

He said a cashier at Salvation Army actually told him that she has been seeing more and more guys coming in looking for pearl necklaces. It seems that young guys are embracing the trend a bit more readily, but it really can work for anyone.

To show off the new look, Jon coaxed some of his friends to try it out. First, he replicated the Regé-Jean Page SNL look with items he found at Salvation Army. He said that it works for both formal and informal occasions, and it can be as easy as adding a simple metal clip if you’re not ready for pearls.

Another friend, who Jordan described as more of a “tough guy”, said he was a more hesitant about trying out jewelry. Jon styled him with a simple chunky metal choker. It’s not too far from the seashell necklaces of the past, but Jon says that the metal is a little more masculine.

If you already wear bracelets, do an easy upgrade by layering multiple. Or, for a really bold statement, take a cue out of Brad Pitt’s book and try layered pendants underneath a sheer sweater.

Some major celebrities like Harry Styles have been known to use typically feminine clothes and accessories to push the boundaries of fashion. Jordan says even if you’re not one for pushing boundaries, something small like a chrome bead bracelet is simple way to up your game.

For more tips from Jon Jordan, watch the video above.