This one change to your home can make it all the cozier

It’s often the most overlooked, overused part of the house

50 Floor on Live in the D

Bitter cold temperatures and plenty of snow have kept many people in their homes this month.

If, during this time, you’ve been taking a good hard look at your home, perhaps you’ve been thinking you could use a change to make it a little cozier. Consider your floors. They are often the most overlooked and overused part of the house.

Tiffany Moore, with 50 Floor, explained how just one change with new flooring can give your home a fresh new style and feel. For instance, replacing old carpeting with hardwood, vinyl, tile or laminate can give a room a sleek new look. Or if you want something warm and cozy, replace your old tile with new carpet.

The worst thing about floor shopping, Moore said, is leaving your home to go to a store to shop, and not being able to envision it in your own home.

Did you know you can shop at home and see how your selection looks with the rest of the furniture?

To learn more about how you can shop at home and get a whole new look for a room without moving a single piece of furniture, watch the video above.

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