What were the Hollywood fashion hits or misses at the Golden Globes?

What’s The Buzz takes a look at the good and bad

What's the Buzz - Fashion at the Golden Globes on Live in the D

While some people tune into the Golden Globe Awards to see what the best movies and shows are they should watch, many also tune in to see what everyone is wearing. This week on What’s the Buzz, Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan and The Michigan Chronical Editor AJ Williams gave their takes on the fashion hits and misses of the big night. Some looks they agreed on, like how actress/director Regina King sparkled in her one-shoulder black and silver dress. Some they were split on, like singer/actress Cynthia Ervio’s green out of this world size gown. Both AJ and Jon had things to say about last night’s winner Jason Sudeikis’ tie-dye hoodie and Tina Fey’s unforgettable/forgettable dresses.

Watch the video above to hear what Jon and AJ had to say about the fashion choices at the Golden Globes.