These tips for World Wildlife Day will help keep you safe

Plus, ready to adopt a new best friend?

Pet of the Week - Wildlife encounters on Live in the D

Wednesday marks World Wildlife Day, and as the temperatures warm up, it’s safe to assume people will have more encounters with wildlife.

So, what should you do if you ever cross paths?

Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane explained that Michigan is full of different species of wildlife.

Chrisman warned people not to approach any wildlife.

Also, if you see a baby animal, do not assume the baby is abandoned. If an animal appears ill or injured, contact your local Department of Natural Resources.

Chrisman also showed us Jerry the guinea pig, who is a lot of fun.

Guinea pigs require a special veterinarian who specializes in small animals and specific housing.

Guinea pigs do best in pairs, and Jerry has a brother named Rufus up for adoption, as well.

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