J’s Penalty Box lets you bring the sports bar spirit home

Check out this pickle pizza

Take-out Tuesday - J's Penalty Box on Live in the D

For today’s Take-out Tuesday, Jason got the chance to talk with the crew at J’s Penalty Box about their loyal following, and some of their specialty dishes.

Owner Janice Semma said J’s Penalty Box is a woman-owned sports bar in Ferndale, serving all scratch-made food. She says that with their 18 TVs, ”if there’s a big game on, we’ve got it.”

Some fan favorite dishes include the dill pickle pizza. Head Chef Talbert Kenerson says they were inspired to try it out as a special, but people ended up loving it so much that they kept it on the menu.

Other favorites are their fresh fries, and a house made bourbon sriracha sauce that goes great on wings.

Bar Manager Jordan Semma said making it through lockdown was challenging, but they were lucky enough to adapt and keep their staff. “We created new positions to keep everybody still working and with us to help out our community,” Semma said.

To find out where you can order, watch the video above.