Advancing women in their careers for Women’s History Month

Women are blazing trails and breaking ceilings in their careers

Boss Lady - Dr. Lisa Wicker on Helping Women on Live in the D

Live In The D is continuing to celebrate Women’s History Month by highlighting a new Boss Lady. This native Detroiter has had a successful career and is now dedicated to helping other women blaze their own trails.

“Live In The D” host Tati Amare chatted with Dr. Lisa Wicker about advancing women in leadership and helping young girls along their career paths.

Dr. Lisa Wicker created “Mastered Magazine” which gives an opportunity to tell “herstory”. The magazine has inspirational content and stories about women in their careers. Dr.Lisa has also written a book about women navigating their way to the top of their careers.

This Boss Lady not only helps to advance women in their careers but also helps young girls hone their skills for their future career path. This program provides scholarships and mentors girls to help them understand what type of careers are available for them in S.T.E.M and finance, Arts, and business. The girls are building a pathway for their future.

Watch the video to learn more about this trail-blazing Boss Lady.

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