U of M may not be the only ones winning big this weekend

Twinspires wants to help you bet big on your favorite sports

Game Time - Twinspires on Live in the D

University of Michigan’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are both in the Sweet 16 this year, and the Tiger’s opening day is quickly approaching.

Now is a better time than ever to place your bets on how this week’s games are going to shake out.

Andrew Brown from Twinspires.com was back on “Live in the D” with a sports betting quiz to test Tati Amore’s skills, and she was ready to keep up her winning streak after beating Jason in the last “Live in the D” Game Time.

Warning: There are some game spoilers ahead, so if you want to play along, watch the video above first.

Q: Which Wolverines team has the biggest odds of winning, the men or the women?

A: The women. They are around 5:1 odds, while the men are actually favored to win.

Q: Which team is expected to score the most points?

A: The men. Twinspires puts the men at around 144 points, while the women’s game is set at 137 points.

Q: Based on their current odds, what is the percentage chance of both the men and the women’s team advancing to the elite 8?

A: Around 9%, though Brown says he’s sure Ann Arbor will be celebrating if it happens.

Q: What are the odds Detroit will win the World Series this year?

A: 100:1, but don’t give up hope -- the St. Louis Cardinals were 1000:1 when they won their World Series.

Brown said now is a great time to sign up to play, since new players can get up to $1,000 worth of free bets to place over their first seven days.

To see how Tati did and for more info on how you can download Twinspires yourself, check out the video above.