This restaurant is spreading the joy of food in Detroit

You won’t forget the names of these tasty sandwiches

Take-out Tuesday - Spread Detroit on Live in the D

This Takeout Tuesday knows how to make a spread of food you’ll love because it’s in the name.

Jason Carr chatted with Radar Perkaj, the co-owner of Spread Detroit about their sandwiches and new business hours.

Spread Detroit is a sandwich shop that has unique names for its tasty lunch items. You could try a “Nuna Tuna” sandwich, a “Big Al” or an “Old Kanye” that Perkaj joked is better than the new Kanye. Perkaj says that they come up with creative names based on the ingredients and what inspired the item.

Spread Detroit is also spreading into new business hours and menu items with their new brunch and after-dark menu.

Watch the video to learn more.

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