Indulge in these sweet treats -- with little to no guilt

Sustainable fair-trade ingredients taste good and create better lives for farmers and supply chain workers, expert says

Blck Cocoa Bakes on Live in the D

Imagine indulging in delicious desserts and feeling good about it.

One local bakery says it can help make that possible -- with specific types of ingredients that will make your dessert even more satisfying.

“Live in the D” host Tati Amare chatted with Bre’anna Johnston from Blck Cocoa Bakes to tell us how she makes special desserts that anyone can enjoy.

Blck Cocoa Bakes offers an assortment of cakes, from German chocolate to strawberry cheesecake.

What makes this bakery special is that Johnston can make your cake vegan or gluten-free while still looking and tasting as amazing as a normal cake. Johnston’s mission is to challenge how people feel about vegan baked goods being less tasty than their counterparts.

Johnston believes in only using sustainable fair-trade ingredients. She explained that even though a cake may look beautiful, the people who source the ingredients used may be paid little to nothing.

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