How to get a free heart test after recovering from COVID-19

Heart and Vascular Consultants want to make sure you’re heart-healthy after your recovery

Although COVID-19 — the disease caused by the coronavirus that’s led to the global pandemic — is primarily a respiratory or lung disease, the heart can also suffer, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

The doctors at Heart and Vascular Consultants are now offering free heart exams for those who have recovered from COVID, and who show negative results.

Dr. Aziz Alkatib and Dr. Delair Gardi joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to talk about just how important it is to make sure you check in on your heart after getting over COVID.

The Heart and Vascular Consultants, or HVC, is a practice of three cardiologists and two nurse practitioners who cover a variety of cardiovascular services.

Alkatib said that COVID-19 only rarely causes heart problems, but when it does, those issues can range from mild damage to a more severe form of heart failure where the virus attacks the heart.

He said if you’re concerned about any lingering symptoms, especially shortness of breath, chest pain, or becoming easy fatigued, it is important to have your cardiovascular system checked out.

Gardi said the group has seen heart issues present in more of its younger patients.

“It’s a disease that effects multi-systems,” he said. “One of them is the heart, for sure.”

Screenings are decided based on a conversation with a patient’s cardiologist or primary care doctor.

The type of test is based on symptoms, whether it is a stress test, ultrasound or a full screening.

Tests will be offered for free or through insurance based on the patient’s situation.

To see more about how you can check on your own heart health, watch the video above and go to to schedule your screening.