5 grocery shopping tips that can help in better decision making

How you can shop smarter, not harder

Grocery shopping strategy with Ideal You on Live in the D

Dr. Geri Williams, with Ideal You, stopped by Live in the D Thursday to talk with Jason Carr about some of the best strategies to making sure you walk out of the grocery store with the healthiest foods they have to offer.

1. Buy food that can spoil. Williams said these foods are rich in enzymes and nutrients. Another way to look at it is to think of foods that need to be refrigerated; these foods are often the best foods for weight loss.

2. Consider frozen fruits and veggies, as they can also be a good choice. Because they’re picked at the height of their freshness, they are similar in nutrient content to the fresh stuff. You’ll want to avoid the canned products, however, since they’re likely to have been processed more.

3. Have something to eat before you go shopping. Don’t go in hungry.

4. Write out a plan and stick to it. If you follow a list, you’ll be more likely to walk out with healthy foods.

5. “Shop the perimeter.” Williams said it’s best to shop the edges of the store where the refrigeration is. This will be more heavy on plants and proteins. Middle aisles have some good things like paper products, coffee and spices, but also tend to have more preservative-rich foods.

Ideal You is a weight loss program that helps you focus on those perimeter foods. Williams said they help each person work out with which foods are the best for them to lose weight, while continuing to make delicious meals.

For more shopping tips from Williams, watch the video above.