Find one-of-a-kind specs in Corktown

Spectacle Society helps you find glasses for your unique style

Spectacle Society Detroit on Live in the D

Even though masks have become the main feature on our faces, glasses are still a fashionable and sometimes essential way to show off your unique style.

‘Live in the D’ Host Tati Amare spoke with Tina Arroyo a Certified Optician and Owner of Spectacle Society Detroit to tell us how to get one-of-a-kind specs.

Glasses have always been used to help those who need some visual assistance but now it’s also a fun way for anyone to freshen up their look. Spectacle Society is all about finding glasses and sunglasses for your specific style. The cool specs business offers independent eyewear that can fit anyone regardless of face shape or skin color. They offer an array of colors to compliment any fashion piece you rock, or mood you’re in.

Watch the video to learn more.

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