This chef will teach you dishes that you’ll love to the “Last Bite”

The Last Bite offers online classes that will help change up how you cook in the kitchen

Spice up your cooking skills and your dishes at home with these online classes

Many of us have been cooking in the kitchen more often, and you may be feeling like your usual recipes are a bit boring, or you would like to perfect your cooking techniques. There is a chef in Ann Arbor that can help you spice up your dishes all in the comfort of your own home. Allison Anastasio is a personal chef and Culinary Arts teacher at Washtenaw Community College. She recently launched a series of online cooking classes called The Last Bite. They are designed to help you in the kitchen and spice up your recipes. Anastasio spoke to Tati Amare about the classes and whipped up a dish that she thinks the family will love.

Watch the video above to learn more about The Last Bite and how you can sign up for classes.