Find out what’s next for this local singer after “The Voice”

Zania Alake’s time on “The Voice” may be over, but her musical journey continues

Local singer talks about her journey and plans after the show

The semi-finals for The Voice are happening this week and one of the show’s fan favorites performing is Romeo’s own Rachel Mac.

While Detroit singer Zania Alake’s time is done on the show, she plans to continue her musical journey. Alake spoke to Tati Amare about her time on the show and how she is ready for her next opportunities. Zania said she misses being on the stage, under the bright lights, but she is happy with her experience and the fact that she will forever be one of the top 17 singers of this season. Now, Zania is ready to showcase her tremendous talents in other ways. She has a new album that will be released soon, and she hopes to become a musical ambassador for Detroit.

Watch the video above to hear the special message she has for entertainment powerhouse Tyler Perry.